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Detailing Services 

From maintenance details, scratch repair, oxidation removal, ceramic coatings and more. 


Professional Car Detailing Services. 

We offer fixed location based detailing services at our Jimbo's Detailing HQ in Orange County,CA

  • Paint Correction 

  • Custom Detailing 

  • Ceramic Coatings 

  • Carpet Shampooing 

  • Interior Detailing 

  • Exterior Detailing 

  • Paint Transfer Removal 

  • Odor Removal 

  • Emblem Removal 

  • Emblem Replacement 

  • Wheel Cleaning 

  • Engine Cleaning 

  • Paint Polishing 

  • Break Dust and Pitting Removal 

  • Hard Water Spot Removal 

  • Plastic Trim Restoration

  • Scratch Repair 


Are you ready to get a detail? 

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