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How To Wax Your Car Without Scratching It. A Step-by-step guide from a Professional.

  1. Make sure your car is clean and dry before starting. Any dirt or debris on the surface of the car can cause scratches during the waxing process. We recommend these car wash soaps.

  2. If your car has any stubborn dirt or grime, use a pre-wax cleaner to remove it. These cleaners are designed to remove contaminants from the paint surface, which will help the wax bond better. We recommend using a clay mitt

  3. Choose a high-quality car wax. There are many different types of wax available, such as paste wax, liquid wax, and spray wax. Choose one that is suitable for your car's paint type and finish. This is one of our favorite car waxes.

  4. Apply the wax according to the manufacturer's instructions. This usually involves applying a thin, even layer of wax with a clean, soft cloth or sponge. Make sure to wax one section at a time, and allow the wax to dry to a haze before removing it.

  5. Remove the wax using a clean, high-quality microfiber towel. Microfiber towels are made of ultra-fine fibers that are gentle on car surfaces and highly effective at removing wax. They are also lint-free, which helps prevent streaks and swirls on the paint.

  6. Once the wax is removed, inspect your car for any missed spots or streaks. If you find any, simply apply a little more wax to those areas and remove it with a clean microfiber towel.

  7. Finally, stand back and admire your newly waxed car. The wax will help protect your car's paint from the elements and give it a beautiful shine.

It's important to use clean, high-quality microfiber towels when waxing your car because these towels are gentle on the paint and highly effective at removing wax. Using dirty or low-quality towels can cause scratches and streaks on the paint, which can ruin all of your hard work.

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