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 I started detailing my own car at the the ripe age of 16 when I bought my first car.  Starting with a close friend, I began to dive deep into the auto reconditioning industry.  Starting out by researching everything I could online, to buying and trying all different types of product on my own cars [this continues even today], to finally taking a hands on course by Ed Terwilliger and became a certified auto detailer. As host of The Auto Detailing Podcast, I have also had the pleasure of continuing my knowledge of detailing from the highest level detailers in the world! My approach to auto detailing is simple, keep your customers happy, cars clean and stay up on the latest and greatest in the detailing world, this is what I call a win-win-win situation. Jimbo Balaam - Lead Detailer 


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Service Locations

Jimbo's Detailing HQ 


7415 Mountjoy Dr.

Huntington Beach,CA 92648 



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